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Pour la cohésion interne de nos peuples... et de notre Europe entière, en liaison cordiale avec les autres continents.
Strengthening the internal cohesion of our nations... and a cordial relation with other continents.


..."Europe"  because  we shall reflect on Europe's destinies, its identity, its allies, its limits and the outreach to other regions like Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, North Africa.
..."Voices" -in-the plural   because never as in the USA Europe could have one single voice. Plurality is the essence of Europe even if it does have an overarching identity.
And yet if on a few specific items we might demark our terrain from the Americas, we send a cordial salute to the "Voice of America". The United States remain our abiding great ally.
How could we ever forget our strong but younger brother. We shall not spare our advice when it is needed.
..."Voices" also in-the plural     because this site will carry documents and reflections in various languages: French, English, sometimes German and Italian. If somebody would like to contribute an item in Latin language, the millennia old common tradition of Europe, so be it! Where possible we shall provide a link to a translation in either French or English.
..."Voices" also in-the plural      because we need not only carry our own voice but may (where permission is granted) carry an echo to the voice of other like-minded agencies. Several groups come to mind like: La Voix des Francais, the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, the Hanns Seidel Stiftung, UNIAPAC, the international Christian association of business leaders, the ICC, the International Chamber of Commerce where it reflects on regional togetherness and mutual adjustment and on the vocations of business. The list will no doubt grow in time. (note [1])

Lettre du 5 juin 2008
1. Introduction à la lettre
2. Télécharger ici la lettre au format pdf

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In the subdirectory : migration

Stagiaires du développement : un projet de collaboration Nord-sud.

Solutions bien préférables : un projet pour la formulation de solutions différentes afin d'éviter le recours à une immigration massive en Europe (il s'agit de la version française de notre article "alternatives")

Alternatives : a project to formulate a number of "ALTERNATIVES" in order to forestall the need of massive immigration from outside Europe

Evêques des deux côtés de l'Atlantique sur l'immigration

The WTO DOHA round and the movement of natural persons under GATS

In the subdirectory : Economy

A conference in Beijing on climate protection.
As "Voices of Europe", how could we ever forget to speak to China !

In the subdirectory : élargissement de l'Union Européenne

"Turkey bogeyman or savior"
Nearly at the same time we received the article of Mr Sinan Ulgen we came across an essay by Mr Guven Sak who addresses the economic and social benefits both for Europe and for Turkey which he would expect from Turkey's accession to the European Union. The title "Turkey bogeyman or savior" leaves us perplex and seems to leave us little choice. Turkey is neither the one or the other.

Turkey's "increased asset value"
In order to evaluate Turkey's "increased asset value" as Mr Sinan Ülgen phrases it, we thought the most practical tool was to assort his very good article on that topic by with a few of our comments.

La Voix de Malte
Une voix d'Europe : Malte !

The voice of Malta
One voice of Europe : Malta !

Kosovo still in a dangerous dilemma.
Book review
"Hiding Genocide in Kosovo, a crime against God and Humanity" by Iseult Henry.
This book was written by a former member of the international mission in Kosovo under the pseudonym "Iseult Henry". It offers a gripping account of what happened in the very last years before the so-called "International community" acquiesced to Kosovo's illegal indpendance disrespecting the 1244 United Nations Resolution.

America and Kosovo.
Sometimes between allies, lines of policy making may greatly vary. That need not be serious. History and cultural identity may often explain differences in a satisfactory way. This is for example the case in the matter of migration policies.

The election of Abdullah GUL as President of Turkey.
The ACTON Institute ( with which we maintain cordial relations, recently after the election of Mr. Abdullah Gul as President of Turkey has published a comment by Prof Dr Bilal Sambur, professor of theology at Suleiman Demirel University in Isparta, Turkey.

Un Partenariat privilégié pour la Turquie. La Fondation Robert Schuman revient sur cette possibilité

Meeting Pope and Erdogan as reflected in the press : Here is how the major international media have deformed Benedict XVI’s position on the entry of Turkey into the European Union. The author of the analysis: Anton Smitsendonk a former Dutch ambassador to China

In the subdirectory : cultural relations with other continents

Xavier Walter pose une question à Confucius

Musings on the old Ankara Kale

Pensieri sulla Kale, la Fortezza di Ankara

Two old trees
China and Europe : two old trees

Li Ma Tou
A thought of Matteo Ricci

La galère turque... ...avec Molière (propos notés par Gérard Hannezo)

La Turquie avec nous ! ..."avec Alphonse Allais" (propos notés par Gérard Hannezo)

Muhamed writes to Muqavqas, leader of the copts … and in the marvelous Topkapi palace of Istanbul we put our noses to the glass to read the letter

各位中国朋友 ! 新年好 ! !

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